Core Technology Terms 2017 (Last updated 19/12/2017)

Welcome to the Terms & Conditions. Please read through carefully and make sure you are happy to agree. By purchasing products from us you will be agreeing to the following terms. If you have any questions about the terms below, please contact us and we will be glad to go over the points with you.

  1. Purchasing – We have an online store where you can purchase products from us or from our affiliates. All products sold by us come with a standard 1-year warranty. We do not cover software problems with a computer after 1 month of its sale.
  2. Returns – From the date of purchase, you have 14 calendar days to return the item if you are not happy with it. If the item returned is damaged or does not include all the parts shipped, you may not receive a full refund, so please make sure it is shipped back with all original documents, chargers, boxes e.t.c.
  3. Device Repairs – We provide repairs for PC & Apple Devices. Most repairs can be completed in our Workshop, some more complicated repairs require us to send your device away to our repair center where the work will be carried out. We will not be held liable for Data Loss. Your computer is insured when sent. Repairs out of our workshop can take longer to complete if your repair is urgent, then please make us aware before agreeing to go ahead. We can give you an estimated time on how long the repair will take.
  4. Payment options – Debit/Credit Cards, Bank Transfer. We offer support plans that are paid monthly, we also offer on-site support charged as a pay as you go service. This costs, £45.00 the hour for on-site support, £30.00 the hour for remote support. We do not charge VAT or call out fees.
  5. Data – Although we are very thorough and precise, we cannot be held liable for Data Loss. So the customer MUST have a copy of their data. We offer advice and services for data backup.
  6. Subscriptions & Support Plans – Subscriptions are to be paid monthly via direct debit. If payment is not received within 7 days, your account may be suspended from our system. You may cancel your subscription at any time. If you would like a refund for your subscription, we will refund 1 month direct to your bank account. We offer various support plans. We can support the following – Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Devices, and Tablets. The device must be owned by you. We will not support devices that are not connected to a support contract. Depending on which plan you sign up to, you will be limited to 1 or more devices. A device is classed as a device that you use. if you need support for a printer, this is covered as an extended device.
  7. Work carried out – All work carried out is advisory.
  8. Support Software – We use support software which will be installed on your computer to allow us to work remotely on your computer. We will not log in without your permission. Our software also collects data from your computer which helps us fix problems. We DO NOT collect personal information and never will. If you don’t want our software installed on your computer you can request us to uninstall it for you.